Andre Mirzaian was born and raised in Los Angeles California.  His artwork juxtaposes the organic forms of nature with the grid like formations of the city, appropriating the aesthetic elements of the streets and cityscapes of Downtown Los Angeles and the organic elements of the Californian coast where he spent time surfing and appreciating nature.  Mostly self-taught in woodworking,  He incorporates this knowledge into his art.  Wood is a reoccurring material in his artwork, using the raw wood itself or printing the pattern of wood onto paper to create one of a kind unique works of art.  

    He has worked as an assistant for several artists, gained experience building and designing custom furniture.  He attended the University of Santa Barbara California, graduating in 2011 with a BFA in Art Studio with an emphasis in printmaking, papermaking, bookbinding, video media, painting, and sculpture.  His work is privately collected and exhibited.  


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If you are interested in publishing, leasing, or purchasing of any artwork featured on this site, please contact Andre Mirzaian

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